RR Newsletter issue 6

October 31, 2017
Legal Updates and Riad&Riad news.

R&R acted for FAS Energy in its Turnkey Contract with GE

October 31, 2017
Riad & Riad acted for FAS Energy, a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabia group Alhokair, in the full turnkey contract with General Electric to build the 50-MW solar power plant for Egyptian Electricity Transmission Compan...

R&R Contributes to Global Edge Employment Portal

October 30, 2017
Riad & Riad is selected to exclusively handle Egypt’s profile for Global Edge

Dr. Eman Riad Published her Labor Law Treatise

October 30, 2017
Our partner Dr. Eman Riad, head of Labor and Employment team, published her legal treatise on Egyptian Labor Law.

Our Partner Speaks at China Belt and Road Forum

October 30, 2017
Our partner, Dr. Fatma Salah, gives a speech at the inauguration ceremony of the tree-day Belt and Road Forum in Cairo.

Egypt Signs Double Taxation Treaty with Saudi Arabia

October 29, 2017
On the 8th of April 2016 Egypt and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) signed a treaty to avoid double taxation and tax evasion between the two countries.

Law for Compensation of Contractors and Suppliers in Governmental Projects

October 26, 2017
Law no. 84/2017 (the “Law) was issued on 9 July 2017 to compensate contractors who work for government projects and were adversely affected by the recent economic legislation adopted by the Government during 2016

JOB VACANCY: Mid-Level Associate with 3-5 Years of Practical Experience

October 20, 2017
We are seeking to hire a mid-level associate with 3-5 years of practical experience. Candidates must satisfy the following requirements:

RR Newsletter issue 5

August 29, 2017
Legal Updates and Riad&Riad news.

Egypt Issues New Law Regulating Advertisement of Health Related Products and Services

August 28, 2017
According to the Law, the Prime Minister will establish a Higher Committee to be competent with granting licenses for advertising any health-related product or services.

Amendment of Minimum Social Insurance Salaries

August 28, 2017
On the May 25, 2017, the Ministry of Social Solidarity issued decree No. 310 of 2017 (“The Decree”) amending a number of provisions of the Minister of Finance Decree No. 554 of 2007 regarding the Implementation Rule...

Declaring the Golden Triangle in Egypt’s Eastern Desert as Special Economic Zone

August 27, 2017
The Golden Triangle Area is expected to lead to substantial investment in Upper Egypt especially in fields of mining, industry and tourism sectors.

Our Partner is Invited by EBRD to give a lecture in its London Head Office

August 26, 2017
Our partner, Dr. Fatma Salah was invited by EBRD to give a lecture in its London Head Office about recent legislative development in Egypt affecting the investment climate.

Egypt Issues New Law Regulating Gas Market Activities

August 25, 2017
A new law is issued to liberalize the downstream and midstream segments of the gas chain of business in Egypt; it is the Gas Market Law No. 196 of 2017 (“Law”

R&R Succeeds in Obtaining a Redundancy Approval for a Korean Textile Factory

August 24, 2017
Riad & Riad’s labor and employment team, led by Dr. Eman Riad, succeeds in obtaining the approval of the Work Force Care Central Committee to the shutting down of a textile factory and the redundancy of 90% of the f...

RR Newsletter issue 4

July 16, 2017
Legal Updates and Riad&Riad news.

New Law to compensate Contractors, Suppliers and Services Providers

July 12, 2017
A new law is issued on 9 July 2017 (Law No.84 of 2017) for compensating contractors, suppliers and service providers who signed contracts with the government or any of its affiliated entity and who were affected by...

Extension of the Capital Gain Tax Freeze on Listed Securities

July 10, 2017
On 19 June 2017, new amendments were introduced to the Income Tax Law by virtue of Law no. 76 of 2017.

New Stamp Duty Tax on Securities Transactions

July 10, 2017
On 19 June 2017, two new articles no. (83 bis) and (83 bis 1) were added to the Stamp Duty Law by virtue of Law no. 76 of 2017.

Raising Minimum Tax Threshold for Individuals

July 9, 2017
On 21 June 2017, Law no. 82 of 2017 was issued to increase the first bracket exempted from income tax

No More Restrictions on Foreign Currency Transfers

July 6, 2017
On 14 June 2017, the Central Bank of Egypt (“CBE”) issued the long waited decision to remove the restrictions previously imposed on individuals’ transfer of foreign currencies outside Egypt.

Issuing the New Investment Law no. 72 of 2017

July 4, 2017
The new investment law no. 72 of 2017 is ratified and officially published on the 31st of May 2017.

New Executive Regulation for the Importer Registry Law

July 1, 2017
On the 1st of June 2017, the Minister of Trade and Industry has issued the Decree no.846 of 2017 promulgating a new executive regulation for the Importer Registry Law No. 121 of 1982

New Egyptian NGO Law is Issued

June 28, 2017
On 24 May 2017, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi issued the new law no. 94 of 2017 for Non-Governmental Organization.