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May 4, 2017
Legal 500 carried out an interview with our partner Dr. Eman Riad to give her insights on how the firm is acting to cope with the changing needs of the legal market in Egypt.

New Chairman and Deputy for the Suez Canal Economic Zone

May 3, 2017
On 29 April 2017, Presidential Decree no. 200 of 2017 was issued to nominate Mohab Mamish as the Chairman of the General Authority for Suez Canal Economic Zone for a period of one year, in replacement of Dr. Ahmed D...

New Executive Regulation of EGY-NADO

May 2, 2017
The Minister of Youth and Sports issued the Decree no. 208 of 2017 promulgating new anti-doping executive regulation for the Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization

Licensing Private Schools between A Complex Legal Framework & Procedural Constraints

May 2, 2017
Education is the key to development of societies and the driver of its progress. Despite efforts by the state to implement reform-oriented educational policies, and the allocation of substantial resources to spendin...

Establishment of the SME Development Authority

May 1, 2017
The Authority is called the ‘Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Projects Development Authority’, and it is affiliated to the Minister of Trade and Industry.

Dr. Fatma Salah Participates in the Education Development Committee formed by the Minister of Education

May 1, 2017
Partner Dr. Fatma Salah has been selected by the Education Support Fund to be a member in the special committee established by the Minister of Education, Dr. Tarek Shawky for reviewing and amending the education-rel...

Amending the Law Regulating Lists of Terrorists

April 30, 2017
Law no. 8 for 2015 Regulating Lists of Terrorists was amended on the 27th of April 2017 to ease the conditions for listing an entity or an individual under the terrorists’ lists and give the public prosecution more...

Substantial Amendments to the Criminal Procedural Law

April 30, 2017
A new law under no. 11 for 2017 was issued on 27 April 2017 to amend the procedures before criminal courts with the aim of accelerating the adjudication process.

R&R Represents Japanese Conglomerate in its Jojoba Oil Project

April 29, 2017
In a first of its kind project in Egypt, Riad & Riad represented a Japanese conglomerate in establishing its organic, high quality Jojoba oil business in Egypt

Egypt New Judicial Authorities Law

April 29, 2017
A law was issued on the 27th of April 2017 under number 13 for 2017 to amend the selection mechanism of the heads of four judicial bodies in Egypt, namely, the Administrative Prosecution Authority, the State Lawsuit...

No more Detention for Bankrupt Persons

April 27, 2017
The Supreme Constitutional Court said that these provisions violate the bankrupt’s right of personal freedom

Retrieval of Expired Drugs

April 26, 2017
The Central Administration for Pharmaceutical Affairs (CAPA) shall suspend the company which refrains from getting back its expired drugs within the said duration.

Regulations of Reduced VAT imposed on Machines and Equipment

April 23, 2017
The Ministry of Finance issued Decree no. 106 of 2017 to regulate how the reduced VAT rate of 5% (instead of the regular rate of 14%) on machines and equipment shall apply.

CBE New Regulations in Support of SMEs

April 18, 2017
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) issued a circular on 5 March 2017 (Circular) to unify the definition of SMEs as well as to enhance their access to loans.

New Rules to Enhance Corporate Governance

April 13, 2017
The rules aim at enhancing transparency and disclosure and supporting the supervisory role of the regulatory authority.

JOB VACANCY: mid-level associate with 3-5 years of practical experience

April 12, 2017
We are seeking to hire a mid-level associate with 3-5 years of practical experience. Candidates must satisfy the following requirements:

Job Vacancy: Courts of Appeal Admitted Litigation Lawyer

April 6, 2017
We are seeking to recruit a litigation lawyer who is admitted before courts of appeal.

February 2017 Newsletter

March 20, 2017
Legal Updates and Riad and Riad news.

Establishing Industrial Zone at Central Sinai

March 13, 2017
President Abdelfattah El Sisi issued Decree no. 70 of 2017 to allocate an area of 78,386 Acre

New Rules for Importation of Pharmaceutical Products

March 12, 2017
The Minister of Health issued Decree no. 5 of 2017 announcing some additional rules for importing drugs, raw materials, vaccines, baby milk and medical supplies from reference and non-reference countries.

Consolidated Rules for the OTC Market

March 12, 2017
The board of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) issued Decree no. 17 of 2017 to consolidating and unifying the rules pertaining to EGX Over the Counter (OTC) market for trading unlisted securities,...

New Pricing for Certain Drugs

March 11, 2017
The Minister of Health issued Decision no. 23 of 2017 approving new prices of a number of 3010 pharmaceutical products. The decision entered into force on 12 January 2017.

Egypt and Kuwait Double Taxation Treat

March 11, 2017
The Double Taxation Treaty between Egypt and Kuwait is published in the Official Gazette on the 23 February 2017

Procurement Rules of Damietta Port Authority

March 11, 2017
The board of directors of Damietta Port Authority issued Decree no. 137 of 2017 on the Procurement Regulations of Damietta Port Authority.