August 28, 2019

Licensing the Possession of Guns

On 14 July 2019, the Minister of Interior issued Decree no. 1300 of 2019 determining the procedures and requirements for licensing the possession of sonic, air and gas guns and their ammunitions (“Decree”).

The Decree regulates the possession of guns for natural persons, security guards and sports clubs. It also determines the quantities of weapons and ammunitions permitted for the weapons’ dealers annually. The Decree prohibits in all cases the possession of silencers, sound reducers or telescopes for the abovementioned guns.

Below is a summary of the main licensing requirements provided under the Decree for natural persons and security guards.

The Decree allows the licensing of gas and air guns to natural persons who are not less than 18 years old provided that they are fulfilling the other licensing requirements, including among others, the good reputation, good health conditions and to never be convicted for a felony or detained in a dishonesty crime.

Moreover, persons who have been previously subject to the withdrawal or cancellation of their guns or ammunitions’ license, for reasons other than the loss, are prohibited for re-applying for possessing gas and air guns.

Licensing of sonic guns is limited to security guards who provide security services under Law no. 68 of 1970 regarding Private Guards and Law no. 86 of 2015 regulating the Security and Money Transit Companies (the “Law no. 86/2015”).

Security guards under Law no. 86/2015 are required to fulfill the requirements stipulated under Article 7 (Para 1-7) of the Executive Regulation of the Law no. 86/2015 in order to be permitted to possess sonic guns. These requirements include among others to be Egyptian national, not less than 21 years old with good reputation.

All natural persons, sports clubs and security and money transit companies which possess sonic, gas and air guns are required to adjust their position in accordance with the provisions of the Decree within 6 month from its effective date (i.e. before 15 January 2020).

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