March 16, 2021

Work Injury and Death Claims Due to Covid-19 in Egypt

The Egyptian Social Security Law No. 148/2019 (the “Law”) defines “work injury” as any injury caused by an accident occurred during the performance of work or resulting from it.

It is considered a work injury; any accident which occurs to the person during daily work commute; provided that there was no stoppage or deviation from the normal route of the commute.

Work injuries may result in (1) curable health condition which requires medical treatment, (2) total disability or permanent partial disability which prevents the person from performing his/her work, or (3) death of the injured person. The entitled pensions and benefits under the Law varies form one case to another depending on the consequences of the injury.

A few weeks ago, the Health Insurance Authority in Egypt issued a circular (the “Circular”) deciding that death from COVID-19 can be considered a work-related injury for workers in the governmental sector, private sector workers, doctors, and other categories of workers as may be decided – from time to time – by the Specialized Committee for Occupational Diseases and Disabilities.

The Circular specifies certain documents that shall be submitted to benefit from the pensions and compensations allocated for work-injuries and work-related deaths. This includes, for instance, Social Security Form 29 and a medical report with PCR which indicates infection with Covid-19 (or alternative medical analysis).

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