August 24, 2016

Termination of Safeguards Investigations against PET

Riad & Riad (R&R) advised and successfully represented a number of Chinese Exporters and the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation to respond to a safeguard investigation initiated by the Egyptian Government on the Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) imported into Egypt. R&R assisted in the planning and lobbying, participated in the preparation of the responses to questionnaires and the non-injury briefs as well as attending the hearing sessions.
The Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry issued the Essential Facts and Conclusions Report concluding that the serious injury suffered by the domestic industry is not attributed to the increase in imports but to other unrelated causes. It also concluded that the imposition of safeguards measures against (PET) would not serve the Egyptian public interests. The Egyptian Government accordingly terminated the investigation without imposing any measures.

Riad & Riad has rich practical experience in trade remedies and customs regulations. Our partners established and maintained positive communication with the Egyptian foreign trade authorities, antidumping investigation authorities, customs authority, chambers of import and export and the industrial association. We provide our clients with the following:

  • Participating in Egyptian anti-dumping and safeguard investigations and advising on how to prepare responses to questionnaires and other necessary documents required by Egyptian investigation authorities.
  • Assisting clients in negotiations with both Egyptian authorities and industries, and applying for product-specific exclusion and negotiate settlements.
  • Preparing non-injury briefs and reply memoranda on reports issued by the authorities setting fourth its findings and conclusions.
  • Handling challenges against any decisions by governmental authorities before the Administrative Courts.
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