Litigation & Dispute Resolution


We has a specialized litigation and dispute resolution team with extensive experience in handling high-value and complex litigation for multinational and regional companies.

We treat each proceeding as a unique matter. We analyze the specific facts and evidence of each case and formulate a plan to best achieve the client’s goals, whether by settlement or trying the case. We start working with our clients in preparing a case outline and analysis in order to agree on a case strategy. The case outline and strategy is regularly reviewed and adjusted as circumstances change or more information becomes available.

We have handled and continue to handle significant numbers of cases before Egyptian Courts; including the Supreme Constitutional Court, the Court of Cassation and the State Council courts. Our litigation team has unique knowledge of local culture and practices of Egyptian judicial system.

We are also one of a few law firms in Egypt which have a team specialized in labour and employment disputes. The team handles all kind of individual and collective labour disputes and also handles mutual settlements with senior employees and executives as well as collective lay-offs and redundancies and internal disciplinary investigations.

Our Services Include:
  • Prepare pre-trial careful assessment of the value and merits of a dispute to advice the client on the strengths and weaknesses of each side and the proper strategy to deploy.
  • Assist in the settlement negotiations and arrangements for certain lawsuits/ disputes.
  • Handle lawsuits during the trial stage up until the issuance of final/enforceable judgments. This will include preparing statement of claims, all memoranda and briefs, attending court hearings, attending before court appointed experts, and preparing expert opinions.
  • Provide oversight, direction and tactical planning by lead experienced trial lawyers, while delegating relevant tasks to the team in a cost effective way.
  • Provide timely and precise communication about upcoming events, deadlines, needed documents/information and allowing for enough time to juggle the schedules, and do all of that in light of the pace of each lawsuit.
  • Provide regular litigation update reports.
Sample of Recent Experience
  • Local Agents Disputes: we represent a number of multinational companies as defendants in lawsuits initiated by their local distributors and agents claiming compensation for alleged losses incurred due to the termination of their distribution/agency agreement.
  • Shareholder Disputes: representing one of the UK based multinational companies in a court case initiated against it by the minority shareholders claiming multi-million compensation amount for allegedly selling the joint venture assets at an inadequate price.
  • Contractors Disputes: Representing a well-known Korean architecture and engineering company, in a multi-million dollars’ dispute before Egyptian courts with a local subcontractor in relation to complex payments dispute for “time extensions” and “inadequate/incomplete specifications”.
  • Director & Officer Litigation: representing a British multi-national company which is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of sewing thread and supplies in a lawsuit for personal liability against one of its directors.
  • Termination of Agency Agreement: our firm leads the dispute resolution negotiation on behalf of  one of the renowned US medical equipment company, with its local agent in Egypt until reaching an amicable settlement.
  • IPRs disputes: advising and representing one of the renowned Saudi clothes company in complex trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings before Egyptian authorities and courts. We guide the client through the process of evaluating available options in an effort to resolve the matter in a way that is most beneficial to the client.
  • Termination of Distribution Agreement with a Japanese Company: Our firm represented one of the leading Japanese medical equipment manufacturing corporation in its dispute with its local distributor over the termination of their agreement. Our team led the negotiations with the local distributor as well as taking the required preventive court and regulatory procedures.
  • Annulment of privatization transaction: The experience of our partners includes representing a leading international producer of building materials, at the trial and appeal level in the privatization case of one of its Egyptian subsidiaries. Our partner scored a success as the 7th Circuit of the Administrative Court issued its decision upholding the privatization of the Egyptian subsidiary and denying the Claimants’ requests to annul the privatization deal and the associated share sale agreement and to return the company to the Egyptian government.
  • Challenging claims for social insurance dues: representing a major construction company in challenging the claims of the Social Insurance Authority for overdue amount of EGP 40 million for contractor insurance of temporary workers.
  • Debt Collection: Representing a leading Australian agricultural chemical company, in a number of debt collection negotiations and disputes with its customers at the Egyptian courts.
  • Refund of Undue Payments: Successfully represented Kellogg Tolaram, a joint venture between Kelloggs, the leading multinational food manufacturing company and Tolaram, in connection with a dispute resolution against the Egyptian Notary Public Authority for the refund of unduly collected Notarization Fee. The Claim was initiated before the Investment Dispute Resolution Committee, an out-out-of-court dispute resolution committee that was established under Egypt’s new Investment Law and the latter issued its decision in favour of the client.
  • Settlement negotiations: Representing a well-known medical equipment company in a dispute resolution negotiation with its local agent in Egypt until reaching an amicable settlement. Our firm led the negotiations and drafted the settlement agreement.
Key Contacts

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Mohamed Riad


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