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Riad & Riad is recognized as one of the “go to” labor, employment and social insurance law firms in Egypt.  Our employment team provides a wide variety of legal services including:

Our Service Cover
  • Advise on all range of employment, labor, pensions and social insurance matters.
  • Draft and review HR handbooks.
  • Draft and review employment agreements, consultancy and management agreements, and executive contracts.
  • Draft NDAs and other restrictive covenants agreements.
  • Advise on personal data protection laws and draft required consents.
  • Draft recruitment and end of service documents.
  • Advise on employees transfer and/or termination in events of business transfer, sale, merger, liquidation, bankruptcy and closure.
  • Draft and review collective bargaining agreements and attend negotiations.
  • Register companies with Labor Offices and Social Insurance Authorities in Egypt.
  • Handle and resolve employees’ strikes/sit-in.
  • Conduct internal investigations/interrogations with employees and prepare disciplinary reports.
  • Conduct collective redundancies and negotiate end service/severance packages.
  • Conduct legal due diligence on employment and social insurance matters.
  • Prepare and review outsourcing, employer of-record, and services provision agreements.
Sample of Recent Experience

Consulting: Provide labor and employment compliance and advisory services to Amazon’s DSPs and its logistics and delivery partners in Egypt.
Consulting: advise Microsoft in employment and labor law matters in Egypt.
Collective Redundancies: representing British Airways in front of labour offices.
Mass transfer of employees because of a sale of asset transaction: represented G4S, the multinational security services company in transferring its employees in Egypt in the context of a sale of asset transaction. The number of the transferred employees exceeded 3000 in an acquisition transaction.

Transfer of the workforce of one of the world’s largest visa outsourcing and technology services companies in Egypt. Our participation included providing meticulous advice on the legal implications of the transfer on the company, preparing detailed transfer plan, meeting with employees to explain the project and answer legal questions, preparing the transfer documents, register and de-register the relevant companies in the Social Insurance System.

Unfair Dismissal Lawsuits: representing Coats, the World’s leading sewing thread and supplies manufacturer and supplier in front of Egyptian courts in relation to labour lawsuits filed by a number of employees claiming the occurrence of arbitral unfair dismissals.

Social Insurance of Contracting Works: advising and providing legal support to several companies work in the contracting and project management fields in relation to the social insurance of contracting/temporary employees.

Labour Arbitration: representing a company in a labour arbitration case filed by the labour union against the company in the wake of a decision adopted by the company for downsizing its business in Egypt. Our team handled the case, attended the hearings, and prepared the memorandums of defense.

Provide daily legal assistance to AVIC International Holding in drafting employment and internship contracts, prepare their employment policies, handle compliance matters, advise in relation to payroll taxes and social insurance schemes according to Egyptian laws.

Handling employment dispute filed against Medtronic Egypt by a senior employee claiming the occurrence of unfair dismissal.

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