Employment & Labour

Riad & Riad is recognised as one of the “go to” labour and employment and social insurance law firms in Egypt. Our employment team has academic and professional credentials, as well as intensive practical experience.

Our specialized team touches on all aspects of employment, labour and social insurance laws, from employees’ background screenings and reference checks, gig work, remote work and work from home systems, HR compliance and handbooks, post-termination restrictive covenants, restructuring and M&A implications, discrimination and occupational health and safely, and termination and settlement of employment agreements.

Our Services Include:
  • Advising on all range of employment, labour and social insurance matters.
  • Drafting and reviewing HR handbooks.
  • Drafting and reviewing all kinds of employment agreements, consultancy and management agreements, and executive contracts.
  • Drafting and reviewing documents and consents for employees’ background screenings and reference checks.
  • Drafting other recruitment and end of service documents.
  • Advising on new work models; i.e. work from home, telework, gig work, hybrid work and drafting relevant work polices.
  • Advising on personal data protection laws pertaining to employment and labour matters.
  • Advising companies on matters relating to employees transfer, redundancies and/or termination in events of business transfer, sale, merger, liquidation, bankruptcy and closure.
  • Drafting and reviewing collective bargaining agreements and attending negotiations meetings, liaising with Social Insurance Authorities in Egypt.
  • Handling and resolving employees’ strikes/sit-in.
  • Advising on employees’ profit share and employee stock ownership plans (ESOP).
  • Negotiating EOS and severance packages with senior employees and executive managers.
  • Extracting and renewing work permits for non-Egyptian managers and employees.
  • Applying – on behalf of companies – for exemptions from the 10% non-Egyptian employees’ restriction.
  • Conducting internal investigations/interrogations with employees and preparing/reviewing disciplinary outcome reports in relation to employees’ incompetence and/or misbehavior.
  • Conducting collective redundancies and handling the process in front of relevant governmental authorities, as well as negotiating end service/severance packages with employees.
  • Conducting legal due diligence reports on employment and social insurance matters.
  • Reviewing resourcing, outsourcing and services provision agreements.
  • Advising leading companies on other all corporate secretarial and regulatory compliance matters (i.e. ratifying local work and disciplinary sanction regulations, opening and closing social insurance files, registering and de-registering employee from public social insurance schemes).
Sample of recent experience:
  • Mass transfer of employees as a result of a sale of asset transaction: Represented a multinational British company in transferring its employees in Egypt in the context of a sale of asset transaction. The number of the transferred employees exceeded 3000 in an acquisition transaction. Our team was responsible for the entire preparation of the employee transfer process. 
  • Social Insurance of Contracting Works: Advising and providing legal support to a number of companies work in the contracting and project management fields in relation to the social insurance of contracting/temporary employees.
  • Collective Redundancies: Representing an international airline company in relation to its restructuring in Egypt and conducting negotiations with the employees to reach an agreement for redundancy and early retirement packages.
  • Unfair Dismissal Lawsuits: Representing British and Swiss companies in front of Egyptian courts in relation to labour lawsuits filed by a number of employees claiming the occurrence of arbitral unfair dismissals.
  • Labour Arbitration: Representing a company in a labour arbitration case filed by the competent labour union against the company in the wake of a decision adopted by the company for downsizing its business in Egypt. Our team handled the case, attended the hearings and prepared the memorandums of defense.
  • Conducting Amicable Settlements: Representing a Dutch company in the procedures of terminating a senior executive and negotiating the termination package with the executive on behalf of the company.
  • New Work Models: Providing legal advice and answering questionnaire – for an American based client – in relation to remote work and hybrid work systems and its applicability in Egypt.
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP): Participating in multi-jurisdictional questionnaire on employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) and handling the Egyptian jurisdiction.
  • Employees Data Privacy: Advising a Japanese banking and financial institution on general data privacy and employment matters and reviewing and updating their dawn raid policy every year.
  • Day-to-Day Employment Matters: Providing regular legal advice on labour, employment and social insurance matters. Our advice covers topics relating to work permits of Japanese staff in Egypt, employees’ profit share, termination and renewal of employment contracts, annual leaves, working hours and overtime payments, salary increments and public social insurance schemes
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