March 12, 2022

R&R Scored a Victory Nullifying an Arbitration Award in a Collective Labor Dispute

Riad & Riad has successfully represented a multinational aviation company in a long dispute against the Labor Union of Air-Transport in Egypt.

The High Court of Cassation in Egypt has issued its judgment deciding the annulment of an arbitral award that was issued against our client by the lower courts. In its judgment, the Court of Cassation agreed with our argument that mandatory arbitration in collective labor disputes is unconstitutional for lack of consent to arbitrate.

Riad & Riad vigorously represented the client in this dispute for several years throughout the different judicial levels including the negotiation and mediation phase at the Ministry of Manpower, the arbitration case before the court of appeal, and the challenge of the arbitral award before the Court of Cassation.

We take this pleased opportunity to thank our team who worked dedicatedly on this dispute, Dr. Eman Riad, Omayma Ragab, Ahmed Waheed. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact Dr. Eman Riad.

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