Picture of the awarded blocks in the bid round 2021 is available at Egyptian Upstream Gateway.
March 9, 2022

R&R Advises ENAP Sipetrol in relation to the Concession of West Amer Block in Gulf of Suez

Riad & Riad is appointed by Chile’s ENAP Sipetrol to advise it in relation to awarded concession of West Amer Block in Gulf of Suez, Egypt.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced on 3 January 2022  the results of the first digital international bid round for oil and gas exploration and exploitation in the Mediterranean, Western Desert, and the Gulf of Suez, in which ENAP Sipetrol has been awarded the West Amer Block in the Gulf of Suez.

According to the announcement Eni, BP, Apex International, Energean Egypt, INA Nafta, and United Energy have also been awarded the areas. The concession areas span over 12,300 km2, and the companies have pledged to invest a minimum of $250m to drill 33 exploratory wells.

We are advising ENAP in relation to the Egyptian legal and regulatory frameworks, reviewing and commenting on concession agreements.

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