January 21, 2017

Riad and Riad Advises on the BOO 200 MW PV Power Project in WEST Nile

R&R has been recently appointed to advise and represent one of the bidders in the tender for a 200MW BOO (build-own-operate) PV plant project at West of Nile. The project will be located in the West Nile region of Egypt near EL Menya governorate.

This project was one of the tenders issued by Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company
(EETC) and the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) in August 2015. Around 41 developers were participating in such Project, while only 32 were shortlisted by EETC.

Shortlisted bidders will enter into a joint measurement agreement with EETC and NREA
to perform the site measurements jointly. Among the shortlisted bidders, EETC will chose a bidder, which submits the highest scored compliant bid in the request for proposal, in
order to enter into the contract negotiations.

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