July 10, 2017

New Stamp Duty Tax on Securities Transactions

On 19 June 2017, two new articles no. (83 bis) and (83 bis 1) were added to the Stamp
Duty Law by virtue of Law no. 76 of 2017.

A new tax is imposed on the sale and purchase of all types of securities, whether
Egyptian or foreign, listed or unlisted, without deduction of any costs. Each of the seller
and the buyer shall bear equally the burden of paying such tax. The tax is effective
immediately according to the following escalating rates:

  • 1.25 ‰ to be paid by the purchaser, and1.25 ‰ by the seller until 31/5/2018.
  • 1.50 ‰ to be paid by the purchaser, and 1.50 ‰ by the seller from 1/6/2018
    until 31/5/2019.
  • 1.75 ‰ to be paid by the purchaser, and 1.75 ‰ by the seller as of 1/6/2019.

Another new tax is imposed at a rate of 3‰ tax, without deducting any costs, on each
corporate acquisition or exit concluded in a single transaction in any of the following

  1. a transaction on at least (33%) or more of the shares or voting rights of a
    resident company; and

  2. a transaction on at least (33%) or more of the assets or obligations of a
    resident company by another resident company in return of receiving shares in
    the purchaser company.
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