January 23, 2017

New Maritime Transportation Regulations

On December 14, 2016, the Minister of Transportation issued Decree No. 800 of 2016 regulating maritime transportation-related works and the applicable fees. Such Decree replaces Decrees No. 180, 73, 332, 520 and 521 of the year 2013. The Decree, mainly, regulates the following:

  1. The conditions and requirements of undertaking activities related to maritime transportation and their applicable fees;
  2. The rules and conditions for using vacant lands and sites, closed warehouses, tanks, silos, passengers’ cabins and administrative complexes;
  3. The fees of maritime agency; and
  4. The usage of proceeds resulting from the subscription to sailors’ clubs.

The Decree granted current companies undertaking ship supply and maritime activities (and who have obtained their licenses before the enforcement of Decrees No. 30 and 31 of 1998) a grace period of two years to comply with the new requirements (Transition Period).

New fees to be applicable on the issuance and renewal of maritime-related licenses. Annual increase at (7%) for EGP fees and (3%) for USD fees shall apply.

All imported food commodities, wheat and petroleum products are exempted from the fees stipulated under the decree, whereas, their applicable fees should be determined through an executed protocol with the relevant ministry. Egyptian products exported outside Egypt shall also be exempted from licenses’ fees.

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