May 2, 2017

New Executive Regulation of EGY-NADO

The Minister of Youth and Sports issued the Decree no. 208 of 2017 promulgating new
anti-doping executive regulation for the Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization (EGYNADO).

EGY-NADO is an independent sports entity affiliated to and a member at the World
Anit-Doping Agency (WADA) and is obliged by the International Convention Against
Doping in Sports signed by Egypt in 2007.

EGY-NADO is the sole entity in Egypt which is technically and legally responsible for
combating the use of doping, raising awareness against it and carrying out the related

The Minister of Youth and Sports has issued recently Decree no. 223 of 2017 on 30
March 2017 forming the board of directors of EGY-NADO for a period of four years.

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