February 9, 2022

Minister of Civil Aviation Decree to Provide Advance Passengers Information

The Minister of Civil Aviation has issued Decree 1083/2021 regulating the obligation of airline companies to provide Advance Passengers Information (“API”). The Decree was published in the official gazette on 1st February 2022, and airline companies shall comply with the obligation of providing the API starting 1st March2022  .

According to the Decree, airlines operating in Egypt shall provide advance information of passengers traveling to and from Egypt as well as the information of the crew members. The Decree requires every airline company to designate a person who will be responsible for providing the API to the competent Center at the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA-DATA CENTER) according to the following:

  • For aircrafts taking-off from Egyptian airports; API shall be provided during carrying out the traveling procedures (and within five minutes – at most – of completing the travelling procedures).
  • For aircrafts coming to Egypt; API shall be provided before the aircraft closes its doors and by no later than the take-off time.
  • Passengers Name Record (“PNR”) of all passengers arriving or departing from Egypt shall be sent to the Center within (72) hours before the departure of the flight.

The fee for activating the API electronic system shall be USD 1,99 per passenger. This fee will be collected on flight tickets as of 1st April 2022. No fees would apply on the crew members and kids under two years.

The Decree states that all collected data and information will be protected according to the Egyptian Data Protection Law No. 151/2020.

Companies who violate the provisions of the Decree shall be subject to the sanctions stipulated under the Civil Aviation Act No. 28/1981. Furthermore, companies which provide delayed information or incorrect information will subject to fines ranging between EGP 20,000 – EGP 50,000 per each trip.


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