October 10, 2021

Egypt Makes Covid-19 Vaccine Mandatory

The Egyptian Council of Ministers issued an official circular (the “Circular”) this week ordering all the ministries in Egypt to issue a regulatory decision to prevent their workers from entering workplaces unless they have received Covid-19 vaccine. Workers who will reject to take the vaccine will be required to submit PCR every three days. The circular states that the ministries shall apply the mandatory vaccine by no later than two months from the issuance date of the Circular (i.e. by 25 November 2021).

Before the issuance of the Circular, mandatory vaccine was not applicable in Egypt with exception to very limited cases include, for example, the announcement of the Chamber of Hotels that  workers in hotels shall receive Covid-19 vaccine since they have direct contact with tourists and travellers. Also, the workers in the education sector in Egypt were required to take the vaccine.

Pursuant to Law 137/1958 regulating Health Precautionary Measures to Prevent Infectious Diseases; the government can order mandatory vaccines on residents of certain regions/places, otherwise, violating persons would subject to monetary fines.

The Circular does not however cover private sector companies, noting that according to the Egyptian labor law employers can ask employees to undergo medical tests.  For more questions please contact Eman Riad or Toaa Alaa

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