February 5, 2018

5th World Litigation Forum – Dubai 2018

Riad & Riad
was a proud supporter of the 5th World Litigation Forum held in Dubai
during the 17 and 18 of January 2018.

The World Litigation Forum is an excellent annual platform bringing together legal professionals from around the world to connect, network, address and discuss latest trends and challenges in litigation and dispute resolution and how to enhance the effectiveness of litigation laws and practices.

Our Partner, Dr. Fatma Salah, was one of the speakers. She discussed the alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (ADRs) available in Egypt and how they can form an integral part of the policies aiming at improving access to justice. The legislature in Egypt started to respond to the problem of delay in court process – and the connected development of ADR – with important initiatives. Simplified ADR mechanisms were recently introduced in several Egyptian laws to encourage the use of mediation and conciliation.

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